Chairs That Inspire

Brief: Create a chair that represents your inspiration as an artist.
Something I believe strongly shapes my way of thinking (and that of designing) is my cultural background. I was born and raised in Portugal, and left to come study in the US less than five years ago. Even though I am away, to be able to say I am Portuguese is something I am deeply proud of. My chair represents the old ornate windows on tile facades you’ll so commonly find all across Portugal.
The exhibition, “Chairs That Inspire”, was on view April through May 2018 between 57th and 79th streets along Madison Avenue. Mine stood in front of the Gagosian Gallery, between W76th and W77th streets.

Selected Press:
Lux Gourmet
Jornal de Leiria
Região de Leiria
Jornal Público - P3
SVA NYC Features