Chairousel, Design Pavillion by NYCxDesign

Client: Design Pavillion, NYCxDesign

Chairousel, a refurbished, spinning 1960s carousel installation by the School of Visual Arts’ 3D Design and Interior Design departments, was one of the 16 exhibitions that made up Design Pavilion, a celebration of design in the city organized by NYCxDesign. Chairousel was on view on 44th and Broadway from May 10th until May 22nd, 2019.

Spinning on the carousel, along with 20 others, were my telephone chairs, a solution which aims to represent my love for vintage and antique objects.  Taking two telephones from the 60s, I wove telephone cable around two metal chairs, which were later welded together to create a bench. The bench resembles mid-century telephone tables.
I have also worked on the installation as a production designer, providing assistant with assets, curation, and staging of Chairousel.